Deed of Variation

Varying the way assets are distributed by the Will with a Deed of Variation, can ensure that your new found wealth is protected.
What is a Deed of Variation? A Deed of Variation can also be referred to as an Instrument of Variation, a Family Arrangement, a Deed of Surrender, or a Deed of Assignment. In a nutshell, a Deed of Variation changes a Will after death and enables the Beneficiaries of a Deceased’s estate to alter the distribution of that estate, or relinquish a bequest from an estate, by changing the Deceased’s Will.

When can a Deed of Variation be used?

A Deed of Variation can be drafted up to two years after the date of death.

Why Use a Deed of Variation?

There are many reasons why it may be desirable to amend the will of a Deceased, or indeed an Intestacy.
The main reason for using a Deed of Variation, is to ensure that the assets passed to a Beneficiary, are protected from threats such as: