Benefits of safe storage

Physical Storage

We store Wills ‘The National Will Archive’.
The National Will Archive facility is a unique national, central, storage facility for Wills that overcomes all of the problems of safely caring for important legal documents.

Apart from the Will, we can also store other important documents such as Power of attorneys, Trust documents, and Title deeds etc. All legal documents are kept in a waterproof wallet in a specialist document archive facility.

The National Will Archive provides you with storage certificates and plastic identity cards for you and your executors. They display your name, a unique storage reference number and The National Will Archive’s contact details.

You can access your documents at any time- free of charge. The documents can either be returned to your professional adviser or directly to you, using an insured delivery service.

When your Executors need to access your Will, they can contact your professional adviser or can contact The National Will Archive directly. All they need to do is provide The National Will Archive with a death certificate and their proof of identification